Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sumanth Varaganti: Outstanding International Student

Sumanth Varaganti is an international graduate student from India.

He is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Information Systems. He was recently elected the Public Relations and Advertising Representative for the International Student Organization (ISO) on-campus, and he has helped put together a number of great events at Murray State. He states:

The very first impression on Murray State University was a great kick start with a very friendly atmosphere and a great campus, cheering up the spirits high at its best which made me to get more involved into the campus activities. My participation in ACS (All Campus Sing) was a great experience which is quite memorable. Being a Public Relations and Advertising member for ISO (International student organization) got new responsibilities in getting close to the students making them breaking the ice. The university has a great unity with all the cultures from every corner of the world, with this diversity of traditions together makes every student lively. This experience made me stronger than that I get from books.