Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Venkatesh Meesala: Outstanding International Alumni

After graduating from Murray State in May 2015, Venkatesh Meesala joined a software organization in Detroit, Michigan as a trainee where he is being trained in Java Enterprise Edition development kits and modules. This helps him prepare for a bright future in the software industry. He hopes that this will lead to a permanent position relating to the technology I am trying to gain expertise in.

When asked about his experience at Murray State University, Meesala states: 
Murray State has been a fantastic journey for me. The educational environment it presents has been incredible. The professors and staff have constantly been consistent on the delivery of the core knowledge and its practical application in the real time scenario is truly admirable. Also, the efforts put in by the event organization committees like International Student Organization, Student Government Association etc. has given an extra edge when exposed to competition in real life. Serving as President for Indian Student Association (ISA) in Murray State University has helped me in gaining management skills which is the most sought after in the job industry. Overall, I can say that Murray State has helped me develop my self-confidence for the future.

Meesala is an international alumni at Murray State who came to study from India. He served as the president of the Indian Student Association and was very active on-campus.

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